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It’s time for me to start a blog about music production. Why?

  • To show people what I am doing

An Instagram or Facebook post is nice to let people know quickly what you’re working on. But more often than not it can be useful to write a little more about a subject or project. That way I can show the process, the positive experiences, and less positive experiences (very useful to learn from). Thinking more consciously about the choices I make in projects is a nice addition.

  • Learning and maintaining knowledge

We all have that moment where we find a subject during making/working with/researching music, that we’d really like to research further. A blog is the perfect excuse to do this. I’m talking about subjects like:

– How do you handle your identity as a music producer? In what ways can you shape your career as a producer? What are important reasons to take on one project and not another?

– Technical things such as mixing techniques, interesting ways to use gear, developments in soft- and hardware, etc.

– Reporting on stuff such as projects, preproduction, and all the collaborations that come with making an EP or album.

And a lot more smaller things that come my way. I’m really trying not to make it a ‘technical’ blog, because for me music is more than gear, pressing the right buttons, buying expensive mics etc.

  • Creating room for discussion

Producing music can be a profession in which you sometimes spend a lot of time in a dark hole, behind the computer. Getting some perspective and looking at things through someone elses eyes can be a great tool.

In the end this blog is mostly a tool for myself, to archive some things and research some other things. But if a few people read it and get something out of it that’s great!

Enjoy reading.

– Berend


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