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Working with distortion part 1 of many: how to distort

Music and distortion are linked together in so many ways that it's almost unbelievable. Almost every way in which we consume music, some level of distortion is happening. Vinyl, cassettes, speakers, preamps, microphones, and even your own ears all carry with them...

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Recording Studio Psychology: getting a project going

Working with people that make music can be challenging. We all know the horror stories of famous artists making demands in the studio too crazy to be taken seriously, or arguing over mundane things. Some days in the studio seem like straight out of Spinal Tap. If you...

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DIY : Building your own recording gear

As a starting music producer, acquiring gear that you use to record and mix can drain your bank account quickly. Of course some gear is cheaper than ever, but quality is sometimes trumped by the manufacturer's will to produce recording devices cheaply. And other gear...

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Finishing a production: a technical level, and a musical level

Recording a song or album can be a long process. When that process is nearing it's end, it can be good to have a reality check. To get critical and ask some tough questions: Is this really finished? Have I gotten the most out of this recording or performance? Is this...

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Which microphone to use?

A question I get a lot while teaching is: "Which microphone do I use for (insert instrument)?" This is of course a very common question for people beginning with recording and new to microphones. A question that may seem like it warrants a simple answer. But the...

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