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Berend van Eerden

music producer & audio engineer


Who am I?

I’m a Dutch music producer working with beginning bands and artists. During my career I have worked with bands such as Jagd, Kita Menari, Bungalow, The Brahms, Orange Skyline, Bløf, and Mexican Surf. A variety of bands that all bring something unique to the table. Every project needs a different approach, which is what I do best. From songwriting to recording & mixing, the projects I enjoy the most are the ones where we really get to the bottom of what makes an artist stand out and rework everything from there.

How did I get here?

After playing & composing for a few years I found myself producing more and more: getting the best out of other musicians and translating their ideas into the best possible recording. After graduating from the University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I set up my own studio in Amsterdam. From there I work on my own music, and with a variety of other artists.

Where do I work?
During my career I have recorded at studios such as Wisseloord Studios, Studio Helmbreker, Mailmen, Blue Hotel Studios (Haarlem), Fattoria Musica (DE), and Motormusic (BE). Most of my time is spent creating in my own studio in Amsterdam, where I have my mixing room.



+31 6 – 1367 6865


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