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Berend van Eerden

music producer & audio engineer


Who am I?

Being a songwriter and playing in a band was my first experience with making music. After doing this for several years, I found out there was more to music than just playing an instrument. After getting accepted into the School of Music Technology at the University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I started to work with music in many different ways. These days I have a Bachelor of Music degree with honours from the HKU. Most of my time is spent nowadays in the studio working as a producer, as a mixing engineer for various projects, and as a composer working with artists.

Why do I produce music?

We live in a mass produced world. This is also true for a lot of pop music. Sometimes it feels like this digital world has allowed for more and more music that just sounds the same. But being noticed as an artist in this abundance of available music requires something that sets you apart, be it your sound, arrangement or something else. That is why I work with artists that think outside of the norm, whatever that may be. Together we make pop music that sounds different than the rest.

Who do I work with?

During my career I have recorded at studios such as Wisseloord Studios, Studio Helmbreker, Mailmen, Fattoria Musica (DE), and Motormusic (BE). Most of my time is spent in my own studio in Amsterdam, where I have my mixing room. As a producer I work with bands that clearly have their own identity and do something different than the pop music that is already out there.



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