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Berend van Eerden

music producer & audio engineer
Who am I?

Working as a musician was my first experience with making music. After doing this for several years, I found out there was more to music than playing an instrument. After getting accepted into the School of Music Technology at the University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I started to work with music in many different ways. These days I have a Bachelor of Music degree with honours from the HKU, where I now teach a Production Technology course as a junior teacher. Most of my time is spent in the studio working as a producer, and as a mixing engineer for various projects.

Who do I work with?

During my career I have recorded at studios such as Wisseloord Studios, Studio Helmbreker, Mailmen, Fattoria Musica (DE), and Motormusic (BE). Most of my time is spent in my own studio in Amstedam, where I have my mixing room. As a producer I try to work with bands that stay true to their own identity, and try to do something different than everybody else. During my period working as an assistant to Huub Reijnders I was able to work with bands such as The Brahms, Orange Skyline, Sabrina Starke, and Bløf. Doing live sound engineering I have worked with bands such as A Polaroid View, and BUNGALOW.

What is my goal in production?

In the current music industry the abundance of available music has made delivering quality music essential. Grabbing the attention of the listener is only possible with music that sticks out from the rest in some way (and a good plan & vision). Looking for the thing that sets the artist apart from everyone else is one of my core duties as a producer. I set up a different production and recording process for each individual project, to be able to deliver a recording that is special from start to end.



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